Junior High Retreat

The junior high retreat starts today, Friday May 3! WhooHooo! Meet at SW at 5:30pm to load luggage. We hope to leave by 6:00pm. Eat before you get there! We should be back Sunday around 5:00-5:30pm.

Important news about Small Mall

Hey everyone, I have an important announcement to make about Small Mall.

After thinking about some of the incidents lately, and talking with several people whose opinions I trust, we’ve decided NOT to play Small Mall this Friday, December 21.

Here is the new plan. On Friday night, at the same time, 6:00pm, we will have a Youth Group “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party! It will be in the Teen Room at SW. We will still have a pizza party. We will vote, and the people with the 3 ugliest sweaters will get the free pizza. Everyone else will need to pay $5. Also, bring your favorite board games (Catan and other games) and we’ll hang out and play games until around 9:30pm. Come in through the back entrance, by the preschool, since there is still a wedding rehearsal going on in the main auditoriums.

Corn Maze!

Hey everyone, here’s a reminder…

We’re going to the Corn Maze, on Sauvie Island, THIS Saturday, October 27! Meet at SW at 5:30pm. The bus will be leaving at exactly 5:45pm – so don’t be late. The cost os only $6, plus bring some money for McDonalds afterwords. We should be back around 11pm, but tell your parents to wait for you to call. In case you’re worried about the weather – it’s actually even more fun if it’s raining (but don’t wear white pants…)

Baker City return trip update

Hey parents, we are having some mechanical problems with one of our trucks, coming home from Baker City. We are running about 1 1/2 hours late, and hope to be home around 9:30pm. I will keep you posted.  Jeff. 

Friday Night Frenzy tonight!

Be there and invite a friend!

We won’t be using a bus after all. If you are able to go directly to Safari Sam’s, please do, at 9:15pm. We will drive whoever is at SW at 8:45 over to Safari Sam’s in our 2 church vans. Maximum 22 people. So please go directly to Safari Sam’s, if you can. And have your parents pick you up from there afterwards.